Using your mobility scooter in the changing weather

By keeping your mobility scooter dry, you can maintain the smooth running of your vehicle and increase its longevity. The best place to store your scooter is in a dry, clean space, ideally with a mains electricity socket so you can charge it at the same time.  A lockable garage or a secure outbuilding is ideal. You might have the space to store a small scooter in your home, but make sure it doesn’t block doorways as this could make it a hazard. Keeping the scooter dry will help avoid corrosion/rust. If you must store it outside, you will need to buy a waterproof cover to protect it from rain.  Covers for protecting your mobility scooter needn’t be expensive and can be found for £20 and up.

Using your scooter in the rain

If the rain is heavy it’s important to try and get under cover to stop any water hitting electrical components. As we all know too well in the UK the rain is never that far away. Whilst mobility scooters can generally handle a short light shower if you are caught by surprise, for going out into persistent rain you will need a scooter canopy that shrouds the entirety of your scooter with a clear cover. This allows you to both see where you are going and keep dry. A sturdy metal frame attaches to the chassis of the scooter and roll-up or zip up doors allow you to get into your scooter. This canopy would usually be left on through the autumn/winter seasons where rain is more likely.

Canopies start at £299 but as a cheaper alternative you can get capes that cover both yourself and your scooter but these are not as convenient or reliable.

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