4x4 Mobility Scooters

Our Range Of 4x4 Mobility Scooters

4x4 mobility scooters and all-terrain mobility scooters are ideal for off-road & on-road travel. They usually have larger tyres & more powerful motors in order to easily travel across different terrains. Off-road mobility scooters are more durable and can handle more uneven terrain.


What An Off-Road Mobility Scooter Needs

Our 4x4 mobility scooters have pneumatic tyres that are better at gripping terrain than solid tyres. Off-road mobility scooters also benefit from pneumatic tyres by offering a more comfortable ride to the user, these tyres are usually softer and can cushion you from uneven terrain. Another feature that 4x4 mobility scooters benefit from is having a higher ground clearance than other scooters, this means they can travel over uneven ground without the base getting caught. Higher ground clearance is also beneficial for road use, making it easier for you to get up small curbs & travel over speed bumps.


What Are Off-Road Mobility Scooters For

4x4 mobility scooters are great if you like to explore your local park or if you live in an area with lots of country roads that can sometimes be uneven or made from gravel. These mobility scooters are also the right choice if you just want something that has a high user weight capacity and can offer a more durable mobility experience. Reaching speeds of up to 8 mph, these off-road mobility scooters are able to get you to your destination quicker than a pavement scooter. Because of their higher speed, indicators & rearview mirrors, these 4x4 scooters are fantastic for use on the road as well as off. Travel on the road & the pavement with speed control that allows you to adjust the maximum speed of your mobility scooters, giving you more control when you're driving.

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