Mobility scooters have become an indispensable part of daily life for many in the UK. There are numerous reasons you may need to use one, and the opportunity they give to still remain active is important. Of course, picking the right one is key - so any scooter that you buy needs to tick all the boxes, and allow you to travel in style and comfort. Now that 2020 is well underway, here's an exploration into two of the best mobility scooters you could buy right now. But which scooters stand head and shoulders above the rest? 


blue Pride Apex Lite mobility scooter

Pride Apex Lite

If you are looking for a top-class mobility scooter which is great value for money, this is the ideal choice. With an upper weight limit of 21 stone, it's suitable for the majority of users in the UK. An appealing 10-mile range means you can get out and about with no worries. Charging this scooter up when needed is super-easy as you use the included cable and tiller-based port to power the 12 Ah batteries back up. This scooter also disassembles easily, so you can go out on longer day trips with it safely stowed in most car boots. As the name suggests, this is also a very lightweight mobility scooter to handle - the heaviest section only weighs a mere 15kg! The look of any scooter is just as important as its practical benefits. The Apex Lite from Pride hits the mark here as it is ultra-stylish to ride around in. The 8-inch alloy wheels not only help add elegance to the scooter but also make for a smooth ride due to their chunky design. Steering this model is simple due to the clear LED handlebar controls which makes seeing the relevant information a breeze.

Kymco Komfy 4

Kymco Komfy 4

The other best scooter of 2020 so far is the Komfy 4 from Kymco. The name really does sum this scooter up - it is very comfortable to ride in due to the features included. The seat reclines for example and also has a swivel function to ensure you are always in the right position when using it. In addition to this, the seat is finished in a fabric which is breathable to make longer journeys relaxing. Kymco has also included an adjustable suspension set-up which makes for an ultra-smooth ride. Ergonomic controls make steering fun while a useful USB socket is included to power your mobile phone and other usb devices. The Komfy 4 looks as good as it performs. It comes in a range of colours, such as Cherry Red and Glossy Black. This means you can pick out the one that suits your style and personality the best. With rear splash guards for protection when it gets wet outside, this scooter will also keep you looking good too! An upper weight limit of 25 stone is high for a mobility scooter and the 25-mile range is also very generous. If you're looking for a scooter which focuses on comfort and is full of flexible features, this is it!

Best mobility scooters of 2020 with Great British Mobility

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