What if you live in an area where the terrain is more challenging? Many scooters aren't capable of travelling off-road. This leaves people with a dilemma however what if there is a scooter that can handle off-road terrain? This would allow you full freedom to explore. Let’s have a look at the best off-road mobility scooter in 2020.

The Pride Ranger

The Pride Ranger is a scooter that was designed for off-road use with 4 wheel drive, full suspension and a high ground clearance. The Pride Ranger will move across rough terrain effortlessly. This is an off-road mobility scooter that offers more freedom in terms of where you can use the scooter. If you live in a rural area or like to explore, this scooter is well worth your consideration.

How Is The Ranger So Capable?

The Ranger’s innovative design allows it to move across different terrains. The first thing of note about this 4×4 scooter is that with a 14cm clearance it’s higher than most road scooters, giving it an instant advantage when travelling across bumpy terrain. Large, deep-tread pneumatic tyres allow the Ranger to handle soft ground such as fields, sand and wet ground without losing traction.

For comfort whilst moving on bumpy and uneven ground the ranger has full enhanced suspension engineered for use off road.

Key Features

  • Soft Enhanced Suspension
  • Large Deep Tread 14.5″ tyres
  • Digital LCD Display
  • 25 Stone Weight Capacity
  • 30 Mile Range