VAT (Value Added Tax) is a government tax on all goods and services bought in the UK.

Currently, the VAT charge of 20% is applied to every single purchase.

Persons who are disabled or chronically sick are eligible to claim VAT relief on various services and products categorically for disabled people by way of the Government's VAT Exemption Scheme.

Who is eligible for VAT relief?

  • You will be in a position to have authorised goods VAT free if you’re disabled or chronically ill, and the goods are meant for your domestic or personal use. You don't have to be registered disabled to qualify for VAT-free services and products. For VAT purposes, someone is disabled or chronically ill if they have:
  • Mental or physical impairment with a long-term and considerable adverse consequence upon their capacity to carry out day-to-day activities.
  • A condition which the medical profession perceives as a chronic illness.
  • Terminal sickness.

You are not eligible if you are only temporarily disabled, for example, with a broken limb or are an individual who is elderly but able-bodied. You’ll have to confirm in writing that you meet the above conditions.

Which products can be purchased VAT free?

Goods that can be purchased VAT free include:

  • Surgical and medical and appliances designed exclusively for the relief of a severe injury or severe abnormality. •
  • Wheelchairs and mobility scooters in class 2 only that are fashioned to run at 4 miles per hour and are designed for use on the pavement. •
  • Implements to aid the hearing impaired, braille paper and low vision aids (not including standard hearing aids, contact lenses or corrective spectacles). •
  • Adjustable beds, stairlifts and other lifting implements, recline chairs, and sanitary equipment. •
  • Goods designed categorically for disabled individuals (not products used by both disabled and non-disabled people). •
  • Computer equipment (not including general computer devices such as laptops). • Emergency alarm call systems (not including CCTV, intruder alarms, or telephones). •
  • You can also lease or hire eligible goods VAT free. Also, you will not be charged VAT on: • The installation and any extra labour required as part of this. •
  • Any maintenance or repairs.
  • Spare parts or accessories.
  • You also do not pay VAT if you import qualifying goods that are for your own domestic or personal use.

How do you claim VAT relief?

If you make your order online, you can register for and claim VAT relief as you go through the check-out procedure. And if you’d rather not to claim VAT relief online, you may opt to register by finalising the VAT proclamation form provided by us.