spring mobility scooter

Now that 2020 is well underway, we can all start looking ahead to what the rest of the year may bring. With winter a gently fading memory, many are starting to get ready for spring to arrive. A major part of the new season's appeal is the chance to get out in the fresh air and enjoy some long-awaited sunshine. Spring is also the perfect time to head outside on your mobility scooter. But just what is it about spring that is so good for scooters?

Weather conditions are perfect

One of the major reasons that Spring is so awesome for scooters lies in the weather we usually see during this season. It represents the ideal balance between what other seasons offer and this makes being outside much more pleasurable on your scooter. We all know that Winter can be challenging due to the cold or snow but Summer can also be tricky when it gets too hot to be out. Autumn is often not much better with high winds and rain. Spring though is usually dry, calm and sunny which makes it enjoyable to be outside in without getting too hot.

Experience the natural world

Spring is the ideal season for heading out on your scooter as it lets you see nature at its best. The passing of winter and the warming up of temperatures see flowers begin to bloom for example. This is perfect for anyone who enjoys taking in the natural world when out and about on their scooter. It is not only plants and flowers you will see - many animals are just beginning to become active again in spring and they are also great fun to watch, from ducklings and lambs to baby rabbits, there is so much to appreciate. If the scooter you have is sturdy enough to handle suitable countryside paths, you can see some really amazing sights at this time of year.

More events to check out

There is no doubt that things slow down a lot over Winter in terms of places to go. This is especially true in the daytime when many attractions will close for a while and other activities like local events & farmers markets return too. Spring is the time of year when this all starts to change though and you will suddenly have lots more choice in what to do. The other plus point with spring is that places are often less busy than in summer when large crowds can often be a pain. Most places will be much quieter during this season which means less queues and a more relaxing feel.

Spring is kinder to your scooter

Perhaps the last major reason to make the most of spring is how much kinder it is to your scooter. Other months of the year cannot always say this! Winter and autumn, for example, are often muddy which sees your wheels getting caked in grime or leaves. Summer can often be better but could still get so dry that your scooter gets very dusty when out. Spring doesn't have any of these issues and means you spend less time having to clean your machine. It can also keep your machine in better condition as not as much mud, grime or dust get into it when being used. A good tip before using your scooter in spring is to check it over thoroughly beforehand. This will help spot any issues before you go out and is especially key if you have not used it much over recently.

Choosing the right mobility scooter is key

Before you rush out into the spring sunshine to have fun, it is key to make sure you have the right machine for what you want to do. If you plan on heading somewhere in the car first, you need something like a boot scooter as these fit more easily into a car boot. If you plan to simply use your mobility scooter as a car replacement for trips into town, a road scooter is best. By making sure you use the correct type of model, you will be able to truly make the most of springtime. One thing is for sure - whether you meet friends for a drink in town, head to a local spring fair or get out into the countryside, you will have a real blast.