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Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Discount Scooter

discount mobility scooters

The Pride Go Go Elite Traveller is another of our discount travel scooters. Offering an easy take apart system making portable travel easy, as well as a front shopping basket, providing extra storage where you can keep your possessions.

Drive Scout - Our Lowest Price Mobility Scooter

drive scout discount

The Drive Scout is our lowest price mobility scooter at £598, it has a 10 mile range which makes it a great mobility scooter for going to the shops. Its extra features, such as a handy 360 swivel seat for easy transfers, as well as an anti-rollback system for safety, make it a great travel mobility scooter at our lowest price. Available in red or blue.

Rascal Vantage X Best Price

rascal vantage x discount

The Rascal Vantage X is a road scooter that has everything you need to enjoy your journey. A long 26 mile range offers 4.5 hours of travel at 6 mph, whilst a padded Captain seat keeps you comfortable every second of the journey.

Rascal 388 XL Best Value

rascal 388 xl mobility scooter

The Rascal 388 XL is another of our value road scooters, featuring comfortable pneumatic tyres finished with stylish silver wheel hubs accompanied by a silver bumper that keeps your Rascal 388 XL scratch-free.

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