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What types of mobility scooters are there?

Portable Mobility Scooters

If you are looking for a mobility scooter which comes apart to fit into the boot this is the category for you. Portable mobility scooters typically have a top speed of 4 MPH carry at least 18 stone and go between 8 and 15 miles on a charge.

They are ideal for taking with you for day trips out in the car or for zipping around your local shops.

Pavement Mobility Scooters

If you don’t need the mobility scooter to be portable you can get bigger pavement scooters which have the advantages of carrying more weight, bigger batteries and even advance features such as oil dampened suspension for a smoother ride.

Bigger batteries mean the scooter can go further on a charge typically between 15 and 30 miles at 4 MPH.

6 – 8 MPH Mobility Scooters

If you want to take your mobility scooter onto the road or need to carry more than 25 stone, you’ll need an 8 MPH road scooter.

These comes fully equipped for long distance travel, including indicators, full lighting packages, mirrors and usually the comfort is exceptional with larger seats, bigger tyres and all-around suspension.

You can expect to get a range of up to 35 miles.

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  1. Drive Prism 3
    • Speed: 4 MPH
    • Range: 10 Miles / 16.1 Km
    • Carry Limit: 18 Stone / 115 Kg
    From £15.18 per month
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  2. Rascal Veo
    • Speed: 4 MPH
    • Range: 11.5 Miles / 18.5 Km
    • Carry Limit: 18 Stone / 114 Kg
    From £15.49 per month
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  3. Pride Apex Rapid
    • Speed: 4 MPH
    • Range: 17 Miles / 27.3 Km
    • Carry Limit: 21 Stone / 133 Kg
    From £22.03 per month
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  4. Pride Colt Executive
    • Speed: 8 MPH
    • Range: 26 Miles / 42 Km
    • Carry Limit: 28 Stone / 178 Kg
    From £66.36 per month
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