Mobility Scooters

Boot, folding and road mobility scooters with our in-home 12 month warranty. All mobility scooters for sale are brand new and are supplied with batteries

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  1. Pride Apex Lite
    With VAT £790.80 £659.00
    • Speed: 4 MPH
    • Range: 10 Miles
    • Weight Limit: 21 Stone
    • Weight: 47Kg (Splits Down - Heaviest Piece 15Kg)
  2. Travelux Tiempo
    With VAT £898.80 £749.00
    • Speed: 4 MPH
    • Range: 10 Miles
    • Weight Limit: 18 Stone
    • Weight: 48Kg (Splits Down - Heaviest Piece 16Kg)
  3. Drive Scout
    With VAT £958.80 £799.00
    • Speed: 4 MPH
    • Range: 10 Miles
    • Weight Limit: 20 Stone
    • Weight: 44Kg (Splits Down - Heaviest Piece 16Kg)
  4. Apex Rapid Red Apex Rapid Red
    • One Left
    Pride Apex Rapid
    With VAT £1,030.80 £859.00
    • Speed: 4 MPH
    • Range: 12 Miles
    • Weight Limit: 21 Stone
    • Weight: 66Kg (Splits Down - Heaviest Piece 16.6Kg)

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Our range of lightweight folding scooters often have lithium batteries which reduce the total weight of your scooter dramatically you can find these scooters here lithium battery scooters

Our range of boot mobility scooters are portable and fit into the boot of your car whereas our road mobility scooters are ideal as a car replacement for long distance travel.

If you are looking for a mid-range scooter for use on the pavement our selection of reliable pavement mobility scooters are sure to impress.

We believe in making access to mobility equipment affordable so whatever you need we have a range of monthly finance options to suit you.

If you become stuck for choice or need any advice our friendly staff are on hand by telephone to assist just call 0161 711 0711.

To make choosing your mobility scooter easier we've split our range into categories. You can also use the filter to narrow your search further.

Why Buy A Mobility Scooter?

Mobility scooters have a massive impact on quality of life they give you the ability to go anywhere at anytime can be a real boost to your independence, whether you are going out shopping, visiting friends and relatives, or going on holiday our range of disability scooters provide real mobility solutions for the disabled and elderly.

Whilst you can get mobility aids through the Motability scheme many people often find this expensive. As a comparison the elite traveller plus one of our most popular boot scooters will cost £15.31 per week on Motability when getting it from ourselves will cost only £4.05 per week, This is 3.8 times cheaper and it's yours to keep whereas on Motability you have to return mobility products at the end of the lease.

In summary we are much better value than Motability & the high street, we deliver free nationwide and if you would rather not purchase outright you can spread the cost over up to 48 months.

Mobility Scooter Type Guide

A boot scooter is ideal for taking with you in the car or shorter journeys from home to your local shops, the fact they split apart easily makes them easier to lift into the boot of your car.

If you are going on holiday and looking for a folding mobility scooter for sale our range fold easily for storage and transportation. You will need to consider that if you intend to lift the folding mobility scooter into a car boot whilst they will fit you need to be able to lift the whole unit, often you will be better off getting a boot scooter which splits apart if you intend on using it as a boot scooter.

Pavement mobility scooters fall into the middle ground sitting between boot and road scooters. They are intended to be your main mode of transportation from home to your destination on the pavement, they are designed to be comfortable carry more weight and have plenty of room for both shopping and daily essentials.

Road mobility scooters are the top end of available scooters, they can travel at even longer distances at speeds of up to 8mph and are fully legal for use on minor roads.

Our wide range of disability scooters for sale are price checked regularly and have free delivery to ensure we are competitive even against argos.

Looking for something for the off-road? Take a look at our offroad scooter options.

With so much choice we understand choosing can be difficult, we can help you pick the right mobility solution just give call us on 0161 711 0711. We only stock the very best mobility products & mobility solutions from the most popular disability scooter manufacturers so whichever product you choose you can be assured it will be reliable.