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What Are Riser Recline Chairs?

Riser recline chairs are specially made to evenly distribute your body weight to help reduce pressure sores & discomfort. Sometimes known as lift and recline chairs, Riser recliner chairs operate using a single or dual-motor mechanism to lift, tilt and recline the user to their desired level of comfort. When choosing a riser recline chair there are certain things to consider. As your riser recliner is going to take pride of place in your living room, it's important that you're happy with it. There are many things you can customise when it comes to finding your perfect riser recline chair, including the material and the colour of the material, the size of the chair & the motor. We offer the lowest prices on rise and recline chairs UK, and we only stock products from the best rise and recline chair manufacturers. Our riser recline chairs are available with your choice of different materials, we have fabric recliner chairs for sale as well as some leather riser recliner chairs that offer a more premium touch.

What's The Difference Between Single & Dual Motor Riser Recline Chairs?

Single Motor

Single motor rise recliner chairs require the footrest to be mostly elevated before the backrest reclines, meaning you get a consistent angle every time you recline. Single motor rise recliner chairs are generally cheaper than dual motor recliners, but if you want that extra bit of customisation, dual motor chairs are the way to go.

Dual Motor

Dual motor riser recline chairs are perfect for those who want that little bit of extra customisation when it comes to positioning. This is because a dual-motor mechanism allows the footrest & backrest to move independently, meaning you have more control over your exact position.

How Much Space Will I Need?

Riser recline chairs usually take up around 1 square meter of space. However, more space is required to accommodate for the recline & lift operation of rise recliner chairs. Because of this, it's important to make sure you have space available in front of & behind the chair, the recommended clearance space for each riser recliner chair can be found in the user manual of the chair. If you have limited space and are unsure, you can look for wall hugger chairs, such as the Ecclesfield riser recline chair, which can be placed right next to the wall and won't cause any problems. If you're still struggling to make space, you could even choose a petite version of one of our wide range of riser recliners.

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