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Have you been turned down?  Can't get mobility finance?  Finding it difficult get approved for mainstream finance?

A poor credit history or, to put it another way, a low credit rating can often prevent you from getting loans from high street banks or mainstream lenders. Just because you’ve been refused credit before or haven’t got a perfect credit history doesn’t mean we cant approve you.

Great British Mobility is now working with Snap Finance and may be able to help you get the things you need even if you have been refused credit in the past.

What is a bad credit history and why do I have one?

Having a poor credit history simply means that, at some point in the past, you’ve had difficulties repaying a loan, credit card or other form of credit. Perhaps you missed a card payment or couldn't manage the water bill, only to wind up with a county court judgement (CCJ). It could be that you’ve made a few applications for credit in the past, which can raise red flags for lenders. All the details of your credit history, for better or worse, are held in your credit file which can be obtained by contacting the credit reference agencies.

Unlike our main finance provider, Snap Finance will provide you with a credit amount should your application be successful. You can then plan what you would like to spend your credit amount on before giving us a call to put your order through on Snap Finance.

Payments are simple and Snap Finance allow you to spread the cost of your order to suit your needs, providing flexible payment options with weekly / fortnightly and monthly payments available to choose from. 

Please don't be put off by the interest rate on the application! With the hello15 finance offer, applicants have a 15 week period to pay off their credit amount before any interest comes into place! Should you not be able to pay in the 15 week period the loan will be paid back over 15 months including any interest, The more credit you pay off in the 15 week period the less interest you will pay on the full order. 

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