Wheelchairs For Sale

Wheelchairs For Sale

We have a wide range of wheelchairs for sale at low and competitive prices. We have a range of wheelchairs on sale at competitive prices, such as active wheelchairs, lightweight self propelled wheelchairs and even wheelchair accessories are for sale online. Get the best price on manual wheelchairs for sale as well as powerchairs by buying online from the wheelchair experts at Great British Mobility. You'll get a brand new wheelchair on sale at a discounted price. We even have wheelchair accessories for sale, find a range of wheelchair accessories on sale at Great British Mobility.

Lightweight manual wheelchairs

Buy a brand new manual wheelchair at a low price from the manual wheelchair experts. Find different types of wheelchairs for sale such as manual lightweight wheelchairs that are great for portable travel and require just one person. Choose Great British Mobility for a great price on wheelchairs for sale.

Transit Wheelchairs For Sale

Our new and discounted transit wheelchairs for sale are priced competitively to be the same as, or cheaper than, the lowest online price. If you find a transit wheelchair for sale at a price lower than ours, we'll aim to match or even beat the price of the transit wheelchair to give you the lowest price possible. For the best range of wheelchairs for sale, we're the best place to go for the lowest price on your perfect manual wheelchair. Keep an eye out for our wheelchair sales where you can get a great manual wheelchair on sale, saving up to 30%.

Find Wheelchairs For Sale At A Discounted Price

Lightweight Transit Sale Wheelchairs Under £200

Excel Globetraveller - Lowest Price Transit Wheelchair

Excel Globetraveller Transit Wheelchair Sale

The Excel Globetraveller is our lowest price transit wheelchair on sale at £139. It's a lightweight manual wheelchair with an 18" seat width and it's great for portable travel. With a total weight of just 12kg, portable travel is made easy with this lightweight wheelchair for sale.

Orbit Lightweight For Sale

Orbit Ultra Lightweight Sale Wheelchair

The Orbit Lightweight is a manual wheelchair on sale at the price of £169. Featuring footrests and a generous 18 Stone weight limit, the Orbit Lightweight is on sale for a reasonable price for the durable travel solution it provides.

Lightweight Self Propelled Sale Wheelchairs Under £200

Excel Globetraveller - Cheapest Wheelchair On Sale

Excel Globetraveller Wheelchair On Sale

The Excel Globetraveller is a self-propelled wheelchair for sale at just £179. With a 14 Stone weight limit and a total weight of just 11kg, this is a manual wheelchair that gives you a portable travel solution. Buy it online in our wheelchair sale for the best price.

Drive Phantom Self Propelled Wheelchair For Sale

Drive Phantom Wheel chair Sale

The Drive Phantom Lightweight is another of our self-propelled manual wheelchairs on sale for the price of £192. It's a durable manual wheelchair with a maximum user weight limit of 21 Stone and with an 18" seat width you get a generous amount of space, one of our most popular wheelchairs on sale.

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