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Endurance Li - Great British Mobility
Endurance Li - Great British Mobility
Go Go Endurance Li - Great British Mobility
Endurance Li - Great British Mobility
Endurance Li - Great British Mobility
Endurance Li - Great British Mobility
Go Go Endurance Li - Great British Mobility
Endurance Li - Great British Mobility

Pride Endurance Li

Speed: 4 MPH Range: 14 Miles Limit: 23 Stone Tyres: Solid

Sale price Only £1,199.00 With VAT Relief
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Colour: Grey
Battery Options: Long Range 16ah
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Sale price £1,199.00
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Pride GoGo Endurance Li - Mobility Scooter

Lithium meets portability

Key Features:

  • Convenient dual charging ports can charge battery pack on-board or off-board
  • Front Basket
  • Includes two sets of easily changeable, coloured panels



  • Brand New Mobility Scooter
  • Charger
  • 8 Ah Airline Friendly Battery or 16 Ah Long Range (Not Airline Friendly) 
  • Manual



With the Go Go Endurance, travelling has never been easier! This 4-wheel scooter has everything you need for a safe and convenient trip. With the standard 8ah airline-compliant lithium battery pack, the Go Go Endurance is perfect for air travel. Feather touch disassembly provides the portability you need. When you arrive at your destination, enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride with Comfort-Trac Suspension.

Double your range with the 16ah (not airline friendly) battery pack.


Delta Tiller Control System

The easy to use delta tiller control system, which comes a standard with the Go Go Endurance, is quick and easy to use and allows simple control that suits your needs. A delta tiller is a wraparound style bar which minimises stress on your hands and allows you to rest your wrists on the handle.


Front and Rear Suspension

The Go Go Endurance features all-round suspension (Comfort-Trac Suspension) With Prides CTS with this eliminates the amount of impact & vibrations given from most types of terrain, you will be able to travel in comfort. Paired with its puncture proof tyres you will be able to travel without the worry of getting a flat.


Sleek Style & Luxurious Frame

The Go Go Endurance has a sleek style & luxurious frame that really helps give it that sporty edge in terms of performance & aesthetic. You will not be disappointed with the precise craftsmanship that is gone into designing the frame.


*Speed and range may vary depending upon user weight, type and incline of terrain, weather, battery charge and condition, operating speed and general driving situation.